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What a year.

My husband and I took advantage of unseasonably warm weather to visit Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine, this past weekend. While there I discovered this tree, with its roots exposed on the rocky coastline. I don’t know how the tree manages to survive, clinging to rocks; but it is obviously thriving, and beautiful, in less than ideal conditions. What inspiration for all of us, coping with the challenges of 2020!

I have been so fortunate this year, staying healthy and busy with my work. Nothing is working as smoothly as in pre-virus times, of course. My various suppliers are facing their own challenges: inventories are occasionally depleted; a major glassware manufacturer filed Chapter 11; a wick manufacturer shut down. Each time I encounter a new setback, I allow myself to get upset for an hour or so; and then I get busy searching not just for replacements, but for improvements. Sometimes the challenge is exhilarating, sometimes so irritating that I want to scream.

But we get back on our feet and keep moving forward, even if the progress is slow!

Thanksgiving will be a quiet holiday this year, and I regret we won’t be able to get together with friends and family as in the past. Still, I am grateful, relieved, to have come so far despite the perpetual obstacles 2020 has thrown in our path. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, however you may celebrate; and I pray the virus will be behind us so that we can be together again without worrying about getting sick! SOON.

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