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October is a Great Place to Be

October is my favorite month of year, and this year has been even more spectacular than usual. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary in Newport earlier this week, and we had such a marvelous time! We didn't exactly do much; we relaxed and soaked in the gorgeous October air and sunshine, which was just what we needed after several busy weeks of preparing for fall trade shows and filling many orders. Pictured is the front porch of The Jailhouse Inn, in the old part of town. What a lovely place to linger over morning coffee!

And now we are back home in Maine, ready to begin holiday preparations. While I don't want to rush the season, I've begun imagining bright red poinsettias wrapped with gold foil, glittering in candlelight, for a Christmas dinner party. Simple, elegant.... and now, what to cook! My husband will be making his signature Beef Wellington (and it is unbelievable!) Suddenly I'm ready to begin thinking Christmas!

Holiday candle production is in full swing, and Balsam Woods is the runaway favorite this year. The fragrance is reminiscent of an old fashioned Christmas tree farm, full of magic and hope. If you are looking for a perfect holiday accent, this scent will not disappoint. I will definitely be using it with my poinsettias and my husband's culinary skills! What a glorious celebration.

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