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Summer is here. Really!

June in Maine, in my experiences, has usually been damp and chilly. Not this year, though! Yesterday my husband and I had an excuse to get out of the house, and we had a lovely time simply driving to Bucksport to see the bridge over the Penobscot River. After months of staying at home, we felt like we were on vacation. Maine is beautiful all year long, but our summers are particularly gorgeous.

I grew up in north Jersey, close to New York City; and when I moved to Maine, several friends assumed I was going to live in the woods with moose and bears. Hardly! But we do enjoy a slower pace, which I have come to love. Maine leaves its mark on people, and I feel so fortunate to live full time in a place many people can only visit once a year.

Three months ago I was ready to attend the spring New England Made trade show, which is usually the beginning of our business year. Covid 19 had other plans for us, of course. But even though nothing has gone as planned, I am grateful to have had this unexpected down time. I wouldn’t want it to last forever, and honestly, I don’t think my body can keep up with the ambitious landscaping projects I’ve been trying to accomplish. But I have enjoyed my new activities, even while I have ached to return to “normal.”

I hope that this new season brings us all a sense of hope and security, as the country begins to reopen. Please stay safe, and happy summer to all!

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