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Time to Look Up

The news this morning was terrible, full of death, anger, accusations, and dire economic predictions. I have been blessed, or perhaps cursed, to be “Super Sensitive,“ and the headlines I read made me feel so hopeless.

After breakfast I wandered outside, hoping to recharge my batteries before going to work in the candle studio. To my surprise, despite last night’s freeze warning, the sun was out and the air felt marvelous. I threw back my head and breathed deeply, trying to calm down; and this is what I saw: The delicate green of spring foliage, set against a vivid blue sky, accompanied by a gorgeous riot of birds singing. It was such a beautiful moment. I was able to quiet my fears and return to work, grateful for the blessing I received by simply remembering to look up.

I would love to believe that we have gotten through the worst of this pandemic, and that soon we will be able to move about freely, without fear of getting sick. I miss my friends and former routines so much. I am scared when I think about how long we have been in isolation, with no end in sight, but I am thankful for the simple blessings of the natural world, and I will continue to find solace there.

Please stay safe for now. We will get through this, somehow.

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