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Thankful for Positive Voices

On Friday we woke up to find a coating of snow which we had been told would not hit our part of the state. Surprise! Winter is here, no use denying it.

Over the weekend I took part in the Maine Women's Expo in Portland. The amount of creative energy and determination in the building was amazing, and I felt honored to be included.

Finding value in our work is so important. While I don't believe pouring candles will fix society's troubles, what I've experienced along the way has changed my world. When I first formed the company I was met with skepticism and stupid jokes, even from friends and family; and this type of negative response can have devastating consequences. When we're taking our first baby steps into the unknown it is easy to be discouraged, even to give up entirely.

But I was at a party one evening, speaking with another guest about my aspirations. She was immediately, genuinely interested; she took me seriously; she made me feel legitimate. From that moment I knew I was onto something good.

Such is the power of a positive voice.

Staying positive has become the driving force of my work, and I hope I can share this with the people I encounter along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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