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Spring Flowers

Spring comes very slowly to Maine. It is nearly April, but our crocuses are only now beginning to bloom. Still, because winter lasts so long, even these fragile promises of warmer weather ahead are so precious to me.

The last few weeks have been challenging, to say the least. I have moments of inspiration and determination, planning how to use this time to grow bigger and better than ever. But just as suddenly I find myself shaking, terrified, imagining worst case scenarios. Both emotions are valid, but I hate swinging back and forth between these two extremes.

I suspect my reactions to the virus are universal. While I have no advice at all, how to handle these difficult times, I do urge you all to be gentle with yourselves. There is no right or wrong way to feel right now; just hold on to the belief that nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass!

Happy spring from all of us at St. George Candle Co. Please stay safe and well!

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