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Fall in Maine

Pemaquid Pond, Bremen, Maine

It's Leaf Peeping season in Maine. I remember family trips to New England to see the foliage when I was a kid, and after twelve years in Maine I still feel honored to live with this beauty every day.

Autumn is my favorite season, with all of its warm, gorgeous colors and spicy fragrances. I've always thought it was fitting that I was born in October, which is the most wonderful month of all.

Life at St. George Candle continues to be busy; and if you've looked at this website recently you've noticed, we're transitioning to "something new." Expanding the website has been on my to-do list for a long time, and it's a relief to finally be tackling the project! I've been dreading the transition, but now that I'm finally forcing myself to just do it, I'm enjoying the work.

A quick shout out to my husband, Richard, for the photo accompanying this post. He spent the day yesterday photographing fall foliage, and this is one of my favorite shots.

Life is good.

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